There are very few places in the world that bring together as many sensory tastes, colours and aromas in their cuisines as India. And even within that one country, you can find an amazing array of different flavours and styles.

At the Indian Lodge, we take our inspiration from Kerala, Bangladesh and Goa, combining ancient and modern influences to create our authentic home-cooked dishes. Kerala is known as the ‘Land of the Spices’ and it brings with it rich, deeply spice food, combined with coconut and tamarind. In Bengali cuisine, freshwater fish and seafood take centre-stage and we’re constantly inspired by its wonderfully aromatic and spicy dishes. And from Goa, we draw on the tropical sweet and sour flavours that bring together Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese influences.

It’s a journey of flavours and sensations and we would love you to come and explore our menu with us; some dishes will be familiar to you, others perhaps less so. But trust us – whatever you choose, we think you’ll be delightfully surprised.